SUUSA: Student Elections

General Elections - March 5th (8:00am) - March 7th (5:00pm)

Login Information:
You may login to the voting system by entering your TNumber, your student Username, and your and Password (the same that you use to log into the lab computers).

Using the Electronic Voting System:
You will have 10 minutes to cast your votes. If you are inactive for longer than 10 minutes, your votes will not be saved and you will be logged out of the voting system. You will need to log back in to the voting system if you wish to continue voting.

You will vote by selecting or checking candidates under the corresponding ballot. Your vote will be counted when you click the 'Cast Your Votes' button. If you do not wish to vote for a position, simply do not select a candidate for that ballot. Should you need to clear or reset any of your votes during voting simply click the 'Reset Form' button.

Thank you for using the online voting system. You may leave your questions or comments in the space provided after you finish the voting process.