Welcome to the Student Involvement and Leadership Office

The Student Involvement and Leadership Office is dedicated to giving students the best college experience possible. With all the activities offered, there is definitely something for everyone here at SUU. Whether you want to be super involved or are just looking for something to do Friday night, you'll find you belong in Student Involvement and Leadership.

Photos Courtesy University Journal/SUUNEWS

Interested in Getting Involved Next Year? Apply for any of these Leadership Positions.

  • SUU Student Association (SUUSA) is the voice of the students on campus, they are the student government. If interested apply here: SUUSA Application
  • Student Programming Board (SPB) plans student events during the year, including Welcome Week, Homecoming, TBird Tuesdays and Red Fridays, and Tailgates or other athletic related events. If interested apply here: SPB Application
  • STIL Student Marketing Team provides support to SUUSA, SPB, STIL, and Thunder Crew in advertising events, programs, and initiatives. If interested apply here: STIL Marketing Application