T-Bird Texts

Did you know that the Sherratt Library has textbooks to support you in your classes? Come check them out today!

What is a T-Bird Text?

A T-Bird Text is a textbook required for a General Education course that you can check out at the Sherratt Library. The best part? Instead of paying for an expensive textbook, checking out a T-Bird Text is free!

How long can I check out a T-Bird Text?

T-Bird Texts can be checked out for periods of 2 hours up to one week, depending on the book. Ask at the Checkout Desk to find out how long you can have a particular book!

Why should I use T-Bird Texts?

For Faculty

High textbook costs can be a barrier for student success, especially in GE courses.

The Library can help! T-Bird Texts is a library-sponsored textbook affordability program that alleviates some of the financial burden caused by expensive course materials. In collaboration with the bookstore, the library has been able to purchase a limited number of textbooks to support learning and close attainment gaps in general education courses.

See the list of resources below!

For Students

Textbook costs got you down? Waiting for financial aid to arrive? Don't have your textbook on the first day of class?

Come to the library!

T-Bird Texts is a library-sponsored program to help off-set some of the financial burden caused by expensive textbooks. Visit the library's check out desk to borrow the textbook you need! Plan to spend some time in the library as check out times are reduced and these books can't leave the building!

See the list of resources below!

Current T-Bird Texts

Last updated: 9/8/2021

T-Bird Text Title

AGSC 1100

Introduction to Animal Science: Global, Biological, Social, and Industry Perspectives

ANTH 1020

Essentials of Biological Anthropology

ART 1010

Practices of Looking

BA 1010

Understanding Business

BIOL 1010

Biology: the core

BIOL 1020

Visualizing Human Biology

BIOL 1020

A Brief Atlas of the Skeleton and Surface Anatomy / Tortora

BIOL 1020

Human Physiology

BIOL 1020

Essentials of Human anatomy and Physiology

BIOL 1020

Principles of Human Anatomy

BIOL 1610/1620

Campbell Biology / 10th Ed.

BIOL 1610/1620

Campbell Biology / 11th Ed.

BIOL 2050

Woody Plants of Utah

CHEM 1110

Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

CHEM 1210

Chemistry the Central Science

CHEM 1210

Chemistry the Central science (answer key)

CHEM 1210

Interactive General Chemistry

CJ 1010

Criminal Justice: The Essentials

CJ 1010

Criminal Law / 11th Ed.

COMM 2110

Looking Out, Looking In

ENGL 1010

Practical Argument: A Text and Anthology

ENGL 2010

MLA Handbook

ENGL 2010

The Little Seagull Handbook

ENGL 2010

The Little Seagull Handbook with Exercises

ENGL 2010

They Say, I Say / 4th Ed.

ENGL 2010

From Critical Thinking to Argument

ENGR 2010

Vector Mechanics for Engineers

FIN 2070

Get a Financial Life

FLHD 1500

Invitation to the Life Span (Utah Custom)

FLHD 1500

Invitation to the Life Span: Special Edition for the State of Utah

FLHD 2400

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

FLHD 2700

Resource Management for Individuals and Families

GEO 1030

Natural Hazards and Disasters / 3rd Ed.

GEO 1050

Geology of National Parks

GEO 1050

Geology of National Parks Rock Kit

GEO 1110

Essentials of Geology

GEO 1110

Essentials of Geology / 11th Ed.

GEOG 1400

Human Geography

GERM 1010/1020/2010/2020

Kontakte / 7th Ed.

HIST 1100/1110

Ways of the World / Vol. 1

HIST 1100/1110

Ways of the World / Vol. 2

HIST 1700

A Documentary History of the United States

HIST 1700

Tell Me How It Ends

HIST 1700

OpenStax US History (hardcover)

HIST 1700

America's History

HIST 2200

Archaeology of the Olympics

MATH 1010

Intermediate Algebra

MATH 1030

Excursions in Modern Mathematics

MATH 1031

Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life

MATH 1050

College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization / 6th Ed.

MATH 1060


MATH 1210

Calculus / Stewart

MATH 1210

Single Variable Calculus Early Transcendentals

MUSC 1020

American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3

NFS 1020

Nutrition & Diet Therapy / 9th Ed.

NFS 1020

Nutrition Concepts and Controversies

ORPT 2040

Engineering Eden

PE 1098

Total Fitness & Wellness

PHIL 1250

A Concise Introduction to Logic

PHYS 1040

Astronomy (OpenStax)

POLS 1100

Readings in American Politics

POLS 1100

We the People

PSY 1100

Experiencing the Lifespan

SOC 1010

Sociology Matters

SOC 1020

Think Social Problems

SPAN 1010/1020/2010/2020

Spanish Pocket Dictionary

SPAN 1010/1020/2010/2020

Tu Mundo: Espanol Sin Fronteras

Dimensions of Global Diversity