Honors Courses

Throughout their time at SUU, honors students need to earn 21 honors credits (12 if they have previously completed an associate degree) to graduate with honors. Three of those credits will be acquired by taking the required honors courses. The remaining credits should be completed by taking a variety of honors courses and by completing honors contracts.

Required Courses

Course Description Credits
HONR 1040 - Foundations of Honors Teaches all the ins-and-outs of the Honors Program at SUU. Students will learn about how to graduate with honors and how to approach the honors contract process. This course will also emphasize seminar-style discussions and teamwork, develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and explore issues related to the holistic wellbeing of students. 1
HONR 2040 - Inquiry and Analysis Introduces students to the skills and resources necessary to complete an Honors Capstone. Students will hone their abilities to inquire, analyze, and work as a team to lay the groundwork required for scholarly projects that extend beyond the confines of a single semester. 1
HONR 3040 - Application and Dissemination In this course, students will excel at thinking critically, conducting research, solving problems, and communicating arguments. They will refine the skill sets necessary to disseminate scholarly work at an academic conference or via publication. 1

Additional Courses

Course Description Credits
HONR 4040 - Honors Capstone This course offers students the chance to set aside time to prepare a capstone project appropriate to the problems, issues, and research methods of the student’s discipline. Said capstone project will represent the culmination of their work in the Honors Program and prepare them for advanced study. 1-3
HONR 3800 - Service Learning Practicum This course offers students an opportunity to connect classroom content with real-life experiences. It provides an opportunity to teach students about responsible citizenship through collaborating with members of the community. 1-3
HONR 2010 - Interdisciplinary Topics Students study a specific topic or theme from a variety of academic disciplines and perspectives. Critical thinking, inquiry and analysis, research methods, and written and oral communication skills are stressed. This course is taught by an interdisciplinary faculty team. 3
HONR 4010 - Honors Seminar This course allows students to conduct an in-depth investigation of an issue, topic, or theme not readily available in existing academic departments or programs at SUU. Critical thinking, inquiry and analysis, research methods, and written and oral communication skills are stressed. The course is taught by an expert in the subject matter and may include team teaching. 3
General Education Courses - Honors Sections Several general education courses (eg. CHEM 2010, ENGL 2010, MATH 1040) may have honors sections available. Taking these sections equates to additional projects, assignments, topics, or discussions added to the course to make it worthy of honors credit. 1-3