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Julie Hammari ('09)

Julie Hammari ('09)
SUU to Teaching Stardom

Originally published on July 12, 2016.

From as early as seven years old, Julie Hammari knew she wanted to be a teacher. She enjoyed learning a variety of subjects and the classroom experience, and wanted to be able to share that passion with others. Julie excelled in school, especially in areas of math and science.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Julie decided to continue her education at Southern Utah University after discovering the university’s quality reputation for its elementary math endorsement and master’s program.

“At SUU, I found a place where I could excel and help others,” said Julie.

Julie is currently teaching sixth grade in Spanish Fork, Utah at East Meadows Elementary School. When she’s not in the classroom or preparing her next lesson plan, Julie helps instruct other teachers in Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction and does work with the Professional Learning Series course through the Utah State Office of Education. She regularly goes above and beyond and is actively involved in supervising the school’s student council.

Julie is an outstanding educator and has received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching from the United States government twice because of her drive and commitment to improving education.

“My education at SUU helped me to think more about what I am doing as an educator and to go beyond the textbooks and curriculum,” said Julie. “Now I look for ways to extend myself and my students so that we can all become better problem solvers and thinkers.”

Julie graduated with a master's degree in education and mathematics endorsement. Learn more about the program.