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Doris Ann Faucheux ('17)

Doris Ann Faucheux ('17)

Originally published on January 15, 2020.

After graduating from Box Elder High School in 1999, Doris Ann Faucheux started attending SUU studying early childhood education with a minor in music. As any good education major knows, no matter how many lesson plans one makes, sometimes the class goes in a different direction, and this is what happened after then-Doris Prescott met the “one and only” Tobin Faucheux (’05) and took a break from her education to create a family.

In her 12-year break from SUU, Doris and her family spent time in northern Utah, then headed to the Pacific Northwest and finally settled in the Midwest in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Nearly 16 years after she started her degree, La Crosse became an ad hoc eastern campus of Southern Utah University, and with the encouragement of her husband and the involvement of her four children, Doris earned a degree in general studies. She learned that “[she] was capable of learning in a variety of ways and enjoying it.” In fact, her family frequently did geology labs together and her two oldest sons even checked her grades to make sure they were up to their standards.

While forming these new SUU memories with her family so far away from Cedar City, she looked back with fondness on the times she drove to Las Vegas with friends and roommates to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and walk along the Strip, going on snowshoe hikes with friends from the Outdoor Recreation Center, and learning from her favorite professors which include Dr. H (Husselbee), Deb Hill, Rea Gubler, and Genevieve Kidman.

Doris works at her local YMCA as a group exercise instructor and member services representative. She teaches indoor cycling and group strength classes as well as developing relationships with members by learning their names, getting to know their goals, and understanding their stories. Although she loves her job at the Y, she considers it to be the perfect part-time side-gig to her actual career, which is being a mother to her four children. She always knew that she wanted to be a mom, so she is proud to devote most of her time and energy toward her family and while being proud of her professional pursuits and education, she derives the most fulfillment and joy from being a mom.

Ever active, when she is not working at the Y, she enjoys birdwatching for her favorite Sandhill Crane, which are almost as tall as she is. She also loves cooking special recipes. In the past year, her resolution was to make recipes that include dill pickles for every church potluck, which means she has had the opportunity to make such concoctions as pickle cheesecake and cheeseburger salad with dill pickle vinaigrette.

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