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Cody Moat ('04)

Cody Moat ('04)
SUU to Spartan Racing

Originally published on July 13, 2016.

Cody Moat grew up with an aspiration to compete. At the age of ten, he ran around his hometown of Duchesne, UT, hauling logs in hope to be like his childhood idol, Rambo.

Cody took that competitive motivation to Southern Utah University, where he ran for SUU’s cross country and track teams. His coach, Eric Houle, believes “Cody was successful as an athlete because of his strong work ethic, quiet demeanor and sense of confidence."

Since his time at SUU, Cody has used the encouragement from his coaches and friends, and put it towards becoming a nationally recognized obstacle course competitor. Cody used his technical training at SUU and competitive desire to take second place at the Utah Beast in 2012. This experience led Cody to secure a sponsorship with Spartan.

After crawling under barbed wire, wading through mud, climbing up rope walls and running 26 grueling miles, Cody placed third in the Spartan World Championship and won the 2014 Spartan Triple Crown.

Cody graduated with a degree in Technology Education.