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Brooke Cersosimo ('12)

Brooke Cersosimo ('12)
SUU to NFL Journalism

Originally published on June 03, 2016.

Brooke Cersosimo isn’t your typical college grad – a dual-major in communication studies and English, this former Thunderbird gymnast is now pursuing her passion for sports writing as a digital content producer for the NFL Network.

“I discovered who I was while at Southern Utah,” Cersosimo said. “After taking a journalism class during my sophomore year, I discovered I had a great passion for that style of writing; I began to work at The Journal writing sports news, and I haven’t looked back.”

Today, Cersosimo puts out sports articles on a regular basis on She edits and ghostwrites for the NFL’s on-air talent (including Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Marshall Faulk, among others), and is in charge of the “instant debate articles” that are published twice a week. She occasionally writes small feature stories, and thoroughly enjoys her newfound career.

“I had many good professors, classmates, and co-workers at The Journal who all played a part in my journey to finding my passion for sports writing,” Cersosimo said. “Career-wise, Southern Utah pointed me in the right direction.”

Brooke graduated with a degree in Communication. Learn more about the Communication program.